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WhatsApp introduces new feature for secure file sharing with nearby contacts

WhatsApp is working on a new Bluetooth file-sharing tool that will allow users nearby to share files securely. According to WABetaInfo, a trusted source for WhatsApp news, both parties will need to open the “Share Files” section and remain there until the transfer is complete. The end-to-end encryption remains intact, ensuring secure sharing just like WhatsApp’s usual file-sharing method.

In addition to the upcoming Bluetooth sharing feature, WhatsApp recently introduced a file-sharing feature for files up to 2GB in size. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android also hints at the development of this new file-sharing feature for users nearby.

Although Google and Samsung have recently updated their Quick Share feature, the new WhatsApp Bluetooth sharing feature could still come in handy for users looking for a quick and direct file transfer, especially in situations where internet connection may be limited.

The upcoming file-sharing feature with nearby users is currently in development and is expected to be included in a future app update. WhatsApp is also working on other features, such as the ability to share polls in channels and additional text formatting tools.

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