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Unexpected Camera Change: Pixel 8 Unveils Fresh Main Camera, but Not as Anticipated

Google recently released the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, and while they boast updated camera hardware with a 50MP main camera, the specific sensor has not been disclosed. Speculation before the launch suggested that the phones would switch from the Pixel 6 and 7’s ISOCELL GN1 sensor to the newer ISOCELL GN2, but later rumors indicated they would stick with the GN1.

Even though Google confirmed that the Pixel 8 comes with a new primary camera featuring Dual Exposure technology for natural-looking videos, the identity of the sensor remains a mystery. According to XDA Developers, the sensor in question could be the Samsung GNV sensor, which is not new and can be found in various Android phones released in 2022, such as the Vivo X80 Pro. If earlier reports are accurate, the GNV is a slightly modified version of the GN1 and has a size of 1/1.3 inch.

In comparison, the GN2 is a larger sensor, measuring 1/1.12 inches with 1.4μm pixels, whereas the GN1 has 1.2µm pixels. Although the phones may not have the sensor that everyone expected, it is still a new sensor. Additionally, Google has always relied heavily on software to enhance the camera capabilities of its phones, rather than relying solely on hardware.

Moving on to the Pixel 8 Pro, it offers a higher-resolution 48MP ultrawide camera, allowing it to capture more light. It also features an upgraded 48MP telephoto camera for improved low-light photography and an enhanced front-facing camera with better autofocus.

The Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with the ability to shoot HDR+ and Night Sight videos. However, these features require processing in the cloud as current smartphones do not possess sufficient computational power. The cloud-based processing for videos will be available later in the year.

Moreover, the Pixel 8 Pro offers Pro Controls, allowing users to manually adjust focus, shutter speed, and ISO, in addition to exposure, white balance, and shadow brightness.

Overall, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro come with impressive camera upgrades and software enhancements, maintaining Google’s tradition of delivering exceptional camera performance.

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