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Watch Series 9 introduces double-tap gesture inspired by the New Apple Vision Pro

Phones Canada is excited to share with you a cool new feature enabled by the S9 chip. It’s called Double-tap, and it introduces a brand new gesture for interacting with your device. To perform the double-tap gesture, simply tap the tips of your index finger and thumb… twice. It’s a simple yet convenient way to navigate through your device.

Interestingly, this double-tap gesture bears resemblance to the index finger feat thumb tap gestures used for interacting with the Apple Vision Pro, which was announced earlier this year. Apple has even released a special video showcasing how this gesture works on the Watch S9. Unfortunately, the demo video is not yet publicly available, but we will update this article as soon as it is.

It’s worth pondering whether Apple is aiming to familiarize us with this new way of interacting with their products, so that when the Vision Pro arrives next year, it already feels intuitive. Apple’s sneaky strategy just might be to subtly introduce and get us accustomed to this gesture. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on any further developments. Stay tuned!

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