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Why iPhone 15 users should only use an authentic Apple or Apple-certified (MFi) charger: a visual demonstration.

Recently, a Reddit user named NoisilyMarvellous shared a photo showing the damage caused when his iPhone 15 Pro Max overheated during charging, melting the plastic on the charging cable. The user stated that the phone became so hot while charging overnight that it left a burn on his finger. Upon removal of the charger, it was discovered that the plastic had melted, leaving burn marks on the phone and sticking the metal part of the USB-C port into the device.

The user also asked for advice on how to remove the melted plastic and inquired whether the issue was with the phone, the charging cable, or the plug. It was suggested that the user visit an Apple Store or an Apple-certified repair center for assistance before attempting to remove the cord. Questions about the type of charging cable used were raised, including whether it was a certified MFi accessory, a leftover cable from another device, or a USB-C cable purchased at a gas station.

It was emphasized that Apple and MFi manufacturers recommend using official or MFi-certified charging cables for safety reasons. This is because while it may be tempting to use cheaper alternatives, the standards for official and MFi products are significantly higher.

With the transition to USB-C charging on the iPhone 15 series, some users may have opted to use older USB-C cables from other devices. However, it was advised against using substandard cables, and it was highlighted that Apple included a durable, braided cable with the iPhone 15 series for this reason.

In conclusion, it was recommended that the damaged phone be taken to an Apple Store or certified repair shop to avoid any further risks associated with the melted charging cable.

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