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World’s premiere of Sony-OnePlus jointly developed LYTIA sensor expected with OnePlus 12

OnePlus is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12, and it is expected to give tough competition to big players like Samsung and Google. The company recently showcased its dedication to the camera race among smartphone giants during OnePlus Open, setting the stage for the OnePlus 12 to potentially secure a top position.

In an exciting collaboration, OnePlus and Sony have revealed on Weibo (via Android Authority) that the OnePlus 12 will proudly become the world’s first smartphone to feature Sony’s latest LYTIA mobile image sensor. Building on OPPO’s partnership with Sony, OnePlus, as OPPO’s second sub-brand after vivo, will benefit from the cutting-edge technology provided by Sony’s LYTIA Mobile Image Sensor Brand.

Early information suggests that the OnePlus 12 will come equipped with a 1/1.4-inch sensor, potentially a stacked image sensor from the new LYT808 generation. This sensor is anticipated to be similar to the Sony IMX966, which was initially expected to be included in the OnePlus 12.

The LYT808 is a premium 1/1.4-inch model that competes with high-quality 1-inch type sensors. It features a 2-layer transistor pixel structure, ensuring exceptional saturation signal levels. With the stacked technique, the OnePlus 12 will be capable of capturing more light, resulting in enhanced low-light performance for night-time photography.

Sony’s new LYTIA camera sensors promise to deliver creative imaging experiences that go “beyond imagination.” OPPO’s announcement in September about its strategic partnership with Sony confirmed the integration of dual-layer stacked Sony LYTIA sensors in future flagship devices. Vivo has also confirmed that its upcoming vivo X100 series will feature a customized LYT800 sensor.

Speaking of vivo, the design of the vivo X100 series was recently revealed, and its circular camera island shares similarities with the anticipated appearance of the OnePlus 12. However, the camera approach differs between the two brands, with OnePlus continuing its collaboration with Hasselblad, while vivo partners with ZEISS.

Overall, the OnePlus 12’s debut as the world’s first phone with Sony’s latest LYTIA mobile image sensor is an exciting prospect. The collaboration between OnePlus and Sony is expected to pave the way for innovative camera technology and deliver an exceptional photography experience to OnePlus users.

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