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Xiaomi smartphones to globally launch HyperOS in Q1 2024

Xiaomi shook things up last month by revealing it is ditching the usual MIUI (Mi User Interface) for a new operating system called HyperOS. The move’s already happening as the latest Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro will come with HyperOS straight out of the box. The new Xiaomi Watch S3 also operates on the new operating system, which, according to the company, aims to boost device performance, maintain a smooth user experience, and make sure everything connects seamlessly across all Xiaomi devices.

In the upcoming first quarter of 2024, it appears that Xiaomi’s global smartphone variants are set to receive the HyperOS update. GSMChina (via Android Headlines) shared a list of 9 devices that will first get the update. While more devices are expected to join the HyperOS bandwagon in the future, these initial 9 are leading the charge. GSMChina asserts that this list is backed by information obtained from a Xiaomi server.So, which Xiaomi devices will get the update during Q1 next year?

Naturally, the Xiaomi 14 series is not on the list since, as mentioned above, it will come with HyperOS preinstalled. The new HyperOS is designed to fuel Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem, covering personal devices, cars, and home products. According to the Chinese company, HyperOS enables task splitting across various computing units for collaborative processing, ensuring optimal hardware performance.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s HyperOS has undergone an overhaul of technical modules, covering the file system, memory management, imaging subsystem, and network system. This revamp is all about effectively tapping into and optimizing the diverse hardware capabilities of different devices, ensuring better performance.

Additionally, Xiaomi HyperOS integrates an AI subsystem that supports AI technologies. For example, its cognitive center, HyperMind, is geared towards better understanding user needs and responding accordingly. For instance, if a user has a habit of turning on the living room light every time they unlock their smart door, HyperMind picks up on it. After learning this pattern, it will put the room lights up automatically.

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