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YouTube Music introduces new mood filter called “Cry” among other options

YouTube Music is once again making changes to enhance the user experience. In addition to the introduction of live lyrics and a redesigned Now Playing interface, the app has now added five new mood filters. These filters allow users to curate their listening experience and customize it according to their emotions.

One of the new filters is called “Cry,” and it offers a selection of sad songs for those moments when you need a good cry. The other four filters are “Party,” “Romance,” “Feel good,” and “Sleep.” These filters are part of the activity bar, which was introduced in late 2020 and already featured four categories: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Later, a fifth category called “Energize” was added.

It is interesting to note that users have raised questions about how the “Sleep” filter will differ from the existing “Relax” filter. The app is still in the process of rolling out these new mood filters, so not all users will have access to them immediately.

The challenge for YouTube Music will be in its algorithm’s ability to accurately capture users’ emotions and cater to their specific needs. What may make one person cry could make another person cringe or feel bored. Nonetheless, the addition of these mood filters adds a new level of personalization and customization to the app.

It remains to be seen if YouTube Music will continue to make improvements and address user concerns. One thing is for sure, though – if the subscription costs increase, it might be easier to evoke tears from users, albeit for a different reason.

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