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Troubles with Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app on Pixel phones after January 2024 update

Samsung is currently experiencing an unusual issue with its Galaxy Wearable app, which is a significant player in the Wear OS ecosystem. Reports have emerged stating that certain Pixel smartphone users are experiencing difficulties accessing the app that is needed for connecting Samsung’s smartwatches to Android devices. Several users recently reported issues with their devices, as noted on the Google Pixel and Galaxy Watch subreddits (via Android Police). It seems that the issue came up following the release of the January 2024 update for Pixel devices, thus pointing to this update as the potential culprit.

The specific issue involves users being unable to to access the Galaxy Wearable app, resulting in difficulties managing their Galaxy Watches. Additionally, the watch has been further affected by the bug, causing it to unpair from Pixels and stubbornly resist reconnecting. It seems that the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and the newest 6 models are impacted, indicating a potentially widespread problem. 9to5Google has also discovered similar issues affecting certain Galaxy phones, but fortunately, the extent of the problem appears to be limited at the moment.

Several users have proposed potential solutions, such as adjusting the date to December 31, 2023, in order to gain access to the app. Nevertheless, the viability of this solution remains uncertain or even if the user who proposed this solution encountered the problem after the recent January 2024 update. Neither Samsung nor Google have acknowledged the issue yet, so it is not entirely clear when a solution will be rolled out. If the Pixel January update is at fault, it is possible that the solution will be included in an upcoming update for Pixel phones. However, Samsung might just as easily be able to speed up the process by releasing a new version of the Galaxy Wearable app that includes the necessary fix. As users eagerly anticipate a resolution, the situation highlights the intricacies involved in the Android-Wear OS ecosystem.

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