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YouTube Music Introduces Revamped Now Playing Feature, Including Comments Section

YouTube Music Rolls Out Redesigned Now Playing with Comments Section

Long gone are the days when we had to hunt for music through friends, exchange tapes, or enjoy our favorite songs solely at concerts or parties. Now, we can pick from numerous streaming services vying for our attention by bringing in fresh features. While YouTube Music isn’t exactly famous for having the most cutting-edge features compared to rival apps, it has been moving forward nicely by at last including long-promised live lyrics- and now releasing even more updates.

YouTube Music is introducing the newest redesign of the Now Playing interface on both Android and iOS. This update includes a comments section, as well as new buttons attached to the carousel. These buttons were previously hidden by default and needed users to tap on the artwork to access them.

The new design makes YouTube Music look even more like the main YouTube app, with the comments section being a copy of what you see on the main YouTube app. The carousel now features buttons to Like, Dislike, view or add Comments, Save, Share, Download the track, or switch to its Radio. Before, only four of these choices appeared when you tapped the album art.

For some time, YouTube Music might be the sole music streaming app with a live comments section until competitors catch up if they ever choose to. By enhancing the competitiveness of the YouTube Music app against its rivals, Google could be aiming to draw in more users.

One of the advantages of YouTube Music is that if you already have a YouTube Premium subscription, you get access to Music Premium as well (which means no ads, offline and with your screen off streaming). Or in other words, you can save money by not subscribing to other music streaming services.

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