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The Top 3 iOS 17 Features

Apple recently announced the release of iOS 17, which will be available for download starting September 18. This new operating system comes with several exciting features that will enhance the user experience on your iPhone. Here are the top five features of iOS 17.

1. Improved FaceTime: FaceTime has become a popular app on the iPhone, and iOS 17 makes it even better. Now, you can leave a short video message on FaceTime when your loved ones are unavailable to answer your call. Additionally, iOS 17 allows you to view FaceTime on your Apple TV, providing a larger display for high-definition interactions with friends and family.

2. StandBy: When you turn your iPhone on its side, it activates the StandBy feature. This feature transforms your phone into a bedside clock, a Bluetooth control center stereo, or a moving photo album. With each iOS update, Apple introduces subtle changes that become iconic iPhone features, and StandBy is expected to be one such feature.

3. Advanced AirDrop: AirDrop is known for its seamless Bluetooth sharing capabilities, and iOS 17 takes it a step further with two new features. NameDrop allows you to exchange contact information by simply holding your phone next to someone else’s device. SharePlay brings this technology to entertainment, enabling you to listen to music, watch movies, and play games with others.

If you’re interested in experiencing iOS 17 on the new iPhone 15, you can find great deals from various carriers. For example, Telus offers the iPhone 15 for $33.38/month with their Essential and Unlimited plans, along with six free months of Apple Music. SaskTel and Videotron also provide attractive offers for the iPhone 15 when paired with their respective plans.

To learn more about the pricing options for the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 features, you can visit our website.

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