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Ahead of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 launch, the Apple Store experiences temporary closure.

The Apple Store is currently offline, indicating that Apple is about to announce some changes to its product lines. Typically, the Apple Store showcases colorful graphics, videos, and persuasive copy to promote the benefits of Apple’s products. However, for the next few hours, visitors to the store will be greeted with a mysterious graphic and message stating, “Be right back. We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back soon.”

This means that if you were planning to purchase a new iPhone or any other Apple product right now, you won’t be able to do so. It’s fascinating to see how Apple prioritizes their product launch events, as they don’t want customers buying their products until the Wonderlust event is over. If you’re in a rush, you could try visiting a physical Apple store nearby. However, it’s much wiser to wait patiently for the next couple of hours and discover the new products that Tim Cook and his team will unveil. Stay tuned for updates!

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