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Once Again, X Faces Consequences as They Allegedly Remove Election Misinformation Reporting Tool

X has reportedly removed a tool to report electoral misinformation

X (formerly known as Twitter) has been making headlines recently due to allegations of widespread misinformation on its platform. According to AndroidHeadlines, X has removed a feature that allowed users to report misinformation specifically related to elections. This development has raised concerns, especially as Australia approaches an important referendum.

The tool was initially available for users in the United States, Australia, and South Korea, serving as a direct channel to report misleading information surrounding elections. However, users now can only report posts as hateful, abusive, or spam, lacking a dedicated option for reporting electoral misinformation. This is particularly problematic for Australia as the country prepares for its first referendum in almost 25 years, scheduled for October 14. As a response, Reset Australia, a global initiative combatting digital threats to democracy, has sent an open letter to X, emphasizing the significance of this tool. The letter highlights that this change occurred within the past few weeks.

This news coincides with the European Union publishing a report that identifies X as the platform generating the most misinformation and disinformation. Vera Jourova, the European Commission Vice President, recently commented that X must fulfill its obligations in addressing disinformation.

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