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Samsung Display reorganizes its foldable division in anticipation of supplying foldable Apple products

Samsung Display is making changes to the team responsible for supplying panels to Apple in order to enhance its capabilities, particularly in producing foldable panels for Apple’s devices. The company aims to increase operating efficiency and collaboration between sales, marketing, and product planning by reducing the importance of the unit’s Strategic Marketing Office. These changes are in line with Samsung’s goal of supplying foldable panels to Apple as foldable devices become more mainstream.

The shift in Samsung Display’s focus comes as the foldable smartphone market is expected to gain traction with the entry of a foldable device from Apple. Despite not being the most innovative company in the smartphone industry, Apple wields significant influence, as seen in the industry-wide adoption of design changes introduced by the company in the past. Additionally, Apple’s patent application for a foldable MacBook Pro aligns with rumors suggesting that the device will feature a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the lower half of the display for text input. This innovative approach could differentiate Apple’s foldable computer from other similar products on the market.

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