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Samsung’s Next Durable Tablet Set to Launch Early 2024

Samsung is known for its lineup of sturdy and reliable tablets, with the Galaxy Tab Active series being a popular choice among consumers. It seems that Samsung is not slowing down, as there are indications that a new Galaxy Tab Active tablet is in the works.

Recently, a listing from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. The listing includes an image of a battery and reveals the model numbers of the upcoming tablet: SM-X300 for the Wi-Fi only version and XM-X306B for the 5G version.

One notable feature of the Tab Active tablets is their removable batteries, and the FCC certification suggests that this new tablet will also come with a removable battery.

Although we don’t have much information about this upcoming tablet at the moment, it is expected to be released in early 2024. So, we can anticipate more details about its specifications and features to surface in the near future.

Samsung’s commitment to expanding its rugged tablet lineup demonstrates its dedication to providing consumers with durable and dependable devices. If you’re in need of a tablet that can withstand demanding environments, keep an eye out for the upcoming Galaxy Tab Active5.

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