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Last April Fool’s Day, Nothing announced what appeared to be a joke about the company brewing a beer in a silver can that featured the dot-matrix font associated now with the company. But the joke is on us as Beer (5.1%) is now available in the U.K. and Nothing says that it is “working on making Beer (5.1%) available in more countries.” You can request to be added to a mailing list for the product and get notified when the product is available in your area by heading to the Nothing website.

The brew, which contains water, rice, malted barley, hops & yeast, is 5.1% alcohol by content (which we guess is pretty obvious from the name of the product). Nothing uses its typically minimalistic naming and packaging for its beer which is sold by the box with each box containing four cans, or in six-packs. To promote the video, Nothing released a 15-second advertisement showing a Nothing phone filing a glass with Nothing Beer (5.1%). Nothing to look at here!

The name of the beer is going to lead to some interesting moments. If someone overdoes it with the concoction and is pulled over by the cops, he is undoubtedly going to be asked what he had to drink. Answering truthfully and saying “Nothing” is not going to be appreciated by law enforcement.

When Nothing first posted its tweet on April 1st about the Nothing Beer (5.1%), the company said that the brew was “Nothing engineer approved” and “Technically refreshing.” The brewery making the beer, Wales microbrewery Freetime Beer Company, said, “Amidst their mission to make tech fun again, Nothing came to us to create their very own beer for the launch of their Soho store. People liked it so much, we made some more.”

As we noted, right now Beer (5.1%) is available through Nothing’s online store and at its retail outlet in Soho. The price is £20 (approximately $24.47) for a six-pack.

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