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5G Showdown: T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T Battle for Telecommunications Supremacy in H2 2023

A new series of detailed reports analyzing the performance of the major US mobile network operators across the nation has been published by RootMetrics. Surprisingly, two carriers can claim victory in two equally important fields today, leaving Verizon trailing behind.

**Three 5G battles, one clear champion**
– Verizon was found to offer the most reliable overall 5G experience in major US markets based on almost 2.3 million tests conducted during the second half of 2023.
– T-Mobile delivers the best 5G availability in a whopping 109 out of 125 major metropolitan markets, boosting its already outstanding tally of 98 individual victories from H1 2023.
– T-Mobile also leads in the 5G download speed department with 69 trophies.

**And the overall winner is…**
– AT&T tops the “US State of the Mobile Union” charts for H2 2023, giving it reliability, speed, data, and call trophies outright when considering all available cellular technologies rather than just 5G connectivity.
– AT&T and Verizon were statistically tied for overall mobile performance title.

Overall, T-Mobile remains a nationwide leader in some areas but lags behind its competitors in others. However, it continues to produce the greatest US median download speed score.

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