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Exciting News for iPhone 12 Owners: iOS 17.4 Update Delivers Essential Enhancements!

Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 update has brought significant changes to iPhone users in the European Union, following the Digital Markets Act (DMA) compliance. Here are some key updates that you need to know about:

– Users in the EU can now sideload apps from third-party app stores on their iPhones.
– Non-WebKit browsers are now supported on iPhones in the EU.
– Users can choose a third-party mobile payment platform instead of Apple’s.
– In-app purchases can now be made using third-party payment processing platforms.

Additionally, the update introduced new features for Stolen Device Protection:

– Face ID or Touch ID verification is required for sensitive changes to an iPhone.
– A one-hour wait period is enforced for certain changes to allow time for theft reporting.

iOS 17.4 also surprised iPhone 12 users with faster wireless charging using the Qi2 standard. Before the update, non-MagSafe wireless chargers were limited to 7.5W charging on the iPhone 12. Now, users can enjoy faster 15W wireless charging with compatible chargers.

Furthermore, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models received 15W support for non-MagSafe Qi2 wireless charging with the iOS 17.2 update. The latest iPhone 15 series comes with Qi2 wireless charging capabilities out of the box, based on Apple’s MagSafe technology and approved by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to your iPhone experience with Apple’s ongoing software improvements!

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