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Google Pixel Watch 3 to be available in two sizes in order to better compete with the Galaxy Watch 7 this year

Is it too early to start talking about Google’s next big Apple Watch rival? You’d think so given that the Pixel Watch 2 is only a little over three months old, and at least for the time being, we have absolutely no reason to expect the Pixel Watch 3’s launch before October 2024.

But the first credible rumor on this still-distant Wear OS-powered intelligent timepiece is here, so whether we like it or not, we find ourselves discussing the possible specifications and changes of the Pixel Watch 3 compared to its reasonably well-reviewed predecessor.

Based on discussions with an undoubtedly reliable “source familiar with the matter”, a hot new 9To5Google report focuses entirely on one specific change expected from Big G’s next-gen smartwatch. Namely, it appears that this thing will likely come in two sizes next fall, thus vastly improving the flexibility of the only 41mm Pixel Watch 2 and 41mm first-gen Pixel Watch.

This is far from a surprising “upgrade”, bringing Google in line with many of its rivals, from Apple to Samsung and even Garmin. What will certainly be interesting to see is whether the search giant intends to retain the 41mm case size or shrink it a bit further for the smaller Pixel Watch 3 variant.

The Apple Watch Series 9, for instance, comes in 41 and 45mm sizes, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 keeps things a little more compact with 40 and 44mm cases. The one-size Pixel Watch 2 happens to be thicker than all four of those devices, but if Google succeeds in expanding the Pixel Watch 3’s case diameter, that should allow the company to squeeze a larger battery into a thinner overall package.

For the time being, we don’t know… anything for certain about this year’s third-gen Pixel Watch, but this road-opening rumor is encouraging, suggesting Google is pleased with the overall performance and user experience offered by its latest smartwatch, now moving to design revisions and refinements that may seem less important but could make a world of difference for Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch owners looking for a change of pace (and brands).

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