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Manual Body Temperature Logging Now Available on Fitbit’s Latest Android Update

Fitbit has released an update for its Android app, bringing it to version 4.06. The update includes a new feature that allows users to manually record their body temperature readings using their own thermometer. Users can now tap the FAB (floating action button) and find a new option for “Temperature” alongside Activity, Sleep, Food, Water, and Weight. In the Today feed, the “Body temperature” card under “Health” will take you to a stats page that follows the new design style.

Fitbit has also introduced a new feature that allows users to easily manage their manually logged entries. Now, you can specify a precise time for these entries and even delete them if needed. Users will also have the option to completely disable the card by accessing the “Customize Today” toggles page.

This feature is a recent addition to the revamped Fitbit app. However, it is possible that it might have already been accessible in the previous version of the app if you owned a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch capable of measuring nightly skin temperature variations.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with a temperature sensor that will soon be equipped with this functionality to measure body temperature — as soon as the US Food and Drug Administration grants the regulatory approval. Once the feature is available, users will have the convenience of taking a reading from the app and effortlessly saving it to the Fitbit app. This could be extremely helpful to recognize ahead of time the onset of a possible illness or for the purposes of tracking female reproductive health.

The app can be downloaded or updated on Android from the Google Play Store, while iOS is currently on version 4.08. This latest addition to the Fitbit app is a welcome feature that empowers users to closely track their health and make well-informed decisions regarding their health.

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