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Other Android devices might not get the Circle to Search feature until October.

Samsung introduced the “Circle to Search with Google” feature during its Galaxy Unpacked event last month, which aimed to provide Android users with a convenient method of searching for information directly from any app. Nevertheless, according to a recent press release, it appears that the feature may only be available on a select few devices for a considerable portion of 2024.For the time being, Circle to Search can only be found on the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra devices, both of which are the current flagships belonging to each company respectively. Although Google has not officially announced a release date, a press release spotted by 9to5Google in the Samsung Netherlands site, suggests that a possible expansion of this feature to other Android devices or models won’t be possible until October 5th, 2024.

Circle to Search will be available on the Google Pixel 8 series and Samsung Galaxy S24 series from January 2024. Circle to Search may become available on Android devices from other brands from October 5, 2024, but there are no active developments underway.

One point of view is that this raises questions about the availability of “Circle to Search,” not just on older devices, but also on upcoming devices such as Google’s Pixel 9 series and the Samsung Z Fold 6. The date does fall within close range of when the “Made by Google” event usually takes place, but should that date be exact, it would leave Samsung’s next foldable out of it.

The counterpoint is that the exact wording states “Android devices from other brands,” which suggests this date would only affect non-Google and non-Samsung devices, perhaps coinciding with the release of Android 15 instead. The decision to exclude other devices until October could be strategically tied to giving an edge of exclusivity to upcoming Google and Samsung product launches, such as the rumored Pixel 8a and the Z Fold 6.

It’s worth mentioning that comparable features are already available through Google Lens on all Android devices. “Circle to Search,” although a quicker and more efficient way to search what’s on your screen when compared to using Google Lens, does present a downside when it comes to its current availability.

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