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Samsung’s 25W Power Bank with 10,000mAh capacity and wireless charging pad now available at retailers

Samsung was working on a pair of power banks that were supposed to be introduced following the Unpacked event last month that unveiled the Galaxy S24 line. Tech journalist Roland Quandt posted on “X” (via SamMobile) and his tweet includes images of Sammy’s 10,000mAh power bank which will wear model number EB-U2510. The accessory comes with two USB-C ports and an indicator with four LEDs that show whether the power bank is fully charged.

The power bank can charge at a speed up to 25W as long as just one of the USB-C ports. If you are using both at the same time, each device will charge at 10W. The accessory also has a wireless charging pad charging at a speed of up to 7.5W and it can be used to charge your Galaxy Watch. If you’re using the wireless charging pad only, you can turn off the power bank. But you can charge three devices at one time using the two USB-C ports and the wireless charging pad. In this scenario, all three will charge at 7.5W.

This power bank was spotted on a retailer’s website in Germany (Bechtle) which you can check out by tapping on this link. Including 6.27 EUR for the VAT tax, the price from the retailer came to 39.26 EUR ($42.69).

Samsung is also said to be working on a larger 20,000mAh power bank that will charge at 45W through a USB-C port. This model might have a larger battery capacity than the other power bank, but it does not have a wireless charging pad which means that it will not be able to charge your Galaxy Watch.

Even if you’re satisfied with the battery life of your phone, it doesn’t hurt to carry a power bank with you because you never know when you might need more power. And by the way, you don’t need to have a Samsung phone to use the power banks. As long as you have a Power Delivery (PD) cable (which looks like USB-C on both sides of the cable) you’ll be able to charge most Android phones and the iPhone 15 series. If you have a Lightning cable with a PD (USB-C) plug, you can use the power banks to charge the iPhone 14 series and older models back to the iPhone 5.

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