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Spotify to Introduce In-App Payment Feature to Avoid Apple’s 30% Fee

Spotify, like many other subscription-based services, conducts all payment processes through Apple in order to reach iOS users. Apple has long imposed a 30 percent fee on in-app purchases for digital goods and services, which has sparked lawsuits from companies like Epic seeking to end Apple’s monopoly on the iOS apps market.

However, changes may be on the horizon, at least in parts of Europe. Thanks to the Digital Markets Act, Apple may be forced to allow other companies to sell digital goods and services through their own channels rather than exclusively through the App Store.

Spotify has announced plans to take the first step toward “independence,” allowing European Union (EU) users to make in-app purchases directly from the app once the DMA comes into effect on March 7. This means users will be able to access details about deals, promotions, and payment options, as well as purchase Premium subscriptions or audiobooks with just a few clicks.

Spotify also notes that it will no longer be subject to the mandatory 30 percent tax imposed by Apple under the DMA. While Apple has yet to react to the DMA, it will likely need to comply with the law in order to continue operating in the EU.

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