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This week, T-Mobile will increase the cost of Home Internet

Customers in the US have been hit with price hikes in the first days of the year, as major carriers like T-Mobile are raising the rates for their home internet plans.

Initially leaked via Reddit earlier this week, the information was confirmed today by T-Mobile. The carrier has decided to start charging $60 per month for its Home Internet plans. However, the changes will only affect new customers, so existing subscribers will not have to pay more.

T-Mobile Home Internet’s new price will go into effect on January 18 and includes a $5 per month discount for AutoPay. New customers who sign up for the T-Mobile Home Internet plan after January 18 will be getting various discounts if they are also subscribed to the carrier’s voice plans.

For example, Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, and Magenta Max subscribers will be eligible for a $20 discount when they get T-Mobile’s Home Internet service. A smaller $10 discount is available for those on other T-Mobile voice plans.

It’s important to mention that current customers will not be affected by the upcoming price hike if they don’t make any changes to the plan and remain in good standing.

Another interesting aspect related to the price change is that T-Mobile will offer to cover the final month of service if a customer cancels the service due to a price hike. The new incentive replaces the “Price Lock” promise that was previously offered by the carrier.

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