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Verizon to Finally Switch to Google Jibe for RCS Support on Android

Verizon to switch to Google’s Jibe for RCS support on Android

Rich Communication Services (RCS) have been in the spotlight recently, especially with Apple’s decision to finally include RCS support in its iMessage app. This move by Apple is expected to improve communication between Android devices and iPhones. However, there are still uncertainties about how this will work with carriers. Verizon, for example, currently uses its own “Advanced Messaging” RCS backend, unlike AT&T and T-Mobile which use Google’s Jibe platform.

But now, Verizon has announced that it will be transitioning to Google’s Jibe platform and adopting Rich Business Messaging (RBM) as well. This will enable businesses like airlines to send boarding passes directly to users’ messaging apps.

This transition to Google’s Jibe platform is expected to address previous user complaints about errors when sending or receiving messages. The move will incorporate Jibe Cloud, which simplifies carrier management of RCS services through Google-hosted infrastructure, and Jibe Hub, which facilitates interoperability between different RCS networks.

Although Verizon has not provided a specific timeline for the switch, this move is a significant step towards a more unified and feature-rich RCS experience for Android users on their network.

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