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Apple’s Latest iPhone 15 Ad Highlights the Toughest Glass on Any Smartphone

Apple Australia recently released a new television commercial on YouTube promoting the iPhone 15 and its Ceramic Shield. The Ceramic Shield, made by Corning, is utilized by Apple to protect the iPhone’s display instead of Gorilla Glass. This technology is made with ceramic nano-crystals and was first introduced with the iPhone 12 series in 2020. Apple has since used it on every model, with the exception of the iPhone SE 3.

The ad, titled “iPhone 15 Ceramic Shield/Swoop,” features an overhead shot of someone pedaling a bicycle on a trail. As the camera zooms in, it becomes apparent that the scene is from the point of view of a bird.

The bird “attacks” the bike rider’s helmet while the iPhone 15 is attached to the handlebar, with the Apple Maps app open for navigation. The ad showcases the toughness of the Ceramic Shield as the phone withstands the fall and the subsequent dirt and rock contact.

The commercial depicts the phone as unscathed after the fall, demonstrating the durability of the Ceramic Shield. The ad emphasizes that the Ceramic Shield is tougher than any other smartphone glass and demonstrates its reliability in real-life situations.

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