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Coming Soon: Android 14 Officially Announced, Arriving on Nearby Phones

We are excited to announce that Android 14, the latest version of the mobile operating system, has finally been made official. Despite the delay, this new update will first roll out to eligible Pixel phones today, followed by other flagship Android devices in the coming months.

Originally, Android 14 was expected to launch in early September, based on historical records and Google’s own predictions. However, only a beta update and a logo refresh for the Android brand were released at that time. Now, we can confirm that Android 14 will promptly start rolling out to eligible devices.

According to Google, eligible Pixel phone users can go to the Settings screen and Software update to check for updates and follow the prompts if the update is available for their device. As for the exact availability of the update, users will receive an alert on their phones when it is ready.

Android 14 comes with a range of exciting new features. These include improved lock screen customization, Ultra HDR photo capture, casting to supported HDR displays, enhanced theming (including monochrome themes), improved security and privacy, AI-generated custom wallpapers, and other significant improvements. To get a preview of Android 14, we encourage you to check out our dedicated Android 14 preview article. While the preview is based on the latest beta version, it offers a representative glimpse into the overall Android 14 experience.

We hope you look forward to enjoying the new and enhanced features that Android 14 brings. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Phones Canada as we continue to bring you the latest news in the world of smartphones and mobile technology.

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