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Exciting News: Apple’s iPhone to Get RCS Support Soon, According to Google

Apple recently announced that it will be adding RCS (Rich Communication Services) support to the iPhone, allowing users to enjoy high-quality images and videos sent by Android users. This update will also enable iPhone users to receive read receipts, see typing indicators, and ensure message security through end-to-end encryption.

But when can we expect this feature to roll out? According to Google’s updated landing page on, Apple is set to adopt RCS in the fall of 2024. Apple initially mentioned in November 2023 that the support would be available “later next year,” making this announcement quite exciting news for iPhone users.

The first day of fall this year falls on September 22nd, 2024, aligning with a potential release date for the iPhone 16 line and iOS 18. Therefore, it is highly likely that RCS support for the iPhone will debut alongside the release of iOS 18 in September. If Apple includes it in the iOS 18 Developer Beta, iPhone users could access RCS support shortly after its unveiling during the WWDC 2024 Keynote on June 10th.

Once Apple implements RCS support for the iPhone, you can easily identify your connection type by checking the text field before sending a message. If it displays “RCS,” you are engaging in a Rich Communication Services chat with an Android user who also supports RCS. Conversely, if it shows “Text Message,” you are communicating with an Android user who does not use RCS or when an RCS signal is unavailable, resorting to SMS/MMS instead.

As we anticipate Apple’s official rollout of RCS support closer to September, rest assured that this update will not impact the blue bubble/green bubble divide. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach this exciting new feature on iPhones!

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