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Extension of Ban on Targeted Ads for Facebook and Instagram set to Continue in Europe

Europe to Extend Ban on Targeted Ads for Facebook and Instagram

Europe has been closely monitoring big tech companies for several years now, aiming to regulate their powers. One area of focus has been the utilization of citizens’ data. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, faced a temporary ban on displaying targeted ads to users in the EU in July. TechRadar reports that this ban is now set to be extended.

Targeted ads are personalized advertisements delivered to users based on an analysis of their online behavior and interests. Europe has expressed concerns over data collection and has taken measures to address the issue. Earlier this year, the Data Protection Authority of Norway, which is part of the European Economic Area, issued a temporary ban on Facebook and Instagram’s targeted ads. Although Norway is not part of the European Union, the ban is applicable to the entire European Economic Area, including countries like Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. The Irish Data Protection Commission is now expected to extend this ban.

The duration of the ban extension and the possibility of Facebook and Instagram being allowed to display targeted ads in the European Union remain uncertain. In response, Meta has introduced a new subscription option for European users, providing an ad-free experience on its two major social media platforms. This approach may be Meta’s strategy to cater to European users’ preference for ad-free platforms rather than targeted ads.

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