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Google Implements Passkeys as Default Sign-In Method for Personal Accounts

Google has taken a major step towards passwordless sign-ins by making passkeys the default method for personal Google accounts. Passkeys are a secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords and offer enhanced protection against phishing. Previously, passkeys were an optional sign-in method for Google Accounts, but now, Google is actively promoting their use.

Users will now see prompts encouraging them to create and utilize passkeys when signing in to their accounts. Furthermore, a new “Skip password when possible” toggle will be available in Google account settings. This toggle allows users to use a password on websites or apps that have not yet adopted passkey authentication.

To use passkeys, users need to create them on their devices using methods such as fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, or PINs. Once created, passkeys can be used to sign in to websites and apps that support them, using the same biometric authentication methods. Passkeys are not stored on the site or app, eliminating the need to remember complex passwords or resort to insecure practices like writing them down.

While Google recognizes that passkeys will not immediately replace passwords across the industry, it is actively encouraging others to adopt this passwordless approach. This initiative brings us closer to a future without passwords, where passkeys provide a more secure and user-friendly sign-in experience.

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