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Google is said to be developing a feature called ‘Device Groups’ to seamlessly transfer video calls across devices

Evidence suggests that Google is developing a new feature called “Device Groups” that will allow users to transfer video calls and share internet access between devices. This feature aims to enhance the synergy between Android, ChromeOS, and Home devices.

Although not much is known about Device Groups, it has been observed that users will be able to add devices to a group using the same Google account. This can be done during the initial setup or later on. Two main use cases for Device Groups include transferring active video calls between devices and sharing internet access when other devices are offline.

To transfer a video call between devices, users can simply tap on a button in the video call app and select the desired device. The call will seamlessly transfer to the chosen device. Likewise, to share internet access, users will need to enable the feature on the device with internet access, allowing other devices in the group to connect to its hotspot.

Device Groups is likely built on Google’s cross-device SDK, which means that app developers will need to update their apps to support this feature. Although there is no official release date for Device Groups, considering Google’s commitment to the “Better Together” initiative and the advanced stage it appears to be in, a release can be expected in the near future.

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