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Google Messages prepares to launch multi-SIM RCS support

Google Messages is preparing to add multi-SIM RCS support, allowing users to switch between SIM cards when sending RCS messages. This feature could be useful for dual SIM users, providing a more convenient and unified messaging experience. Multi-SIM RCS support is another step towards making RCS the default messaging protocol on Android devices.

As reported by 9to5Google, the first beta of the new year, version 20240102_00_RC01, contains strings hinting at this exciting development. Beta testers have already spotted hints of multi-SIM RCS support within the Google Messages app, with checkboxes replacing the lone SIM icon, indicating the ability to utilize RCS simultaneously on multiple SIM cards.

It seems a Reddit user managed to unlock this feature and shared a screenshot of it. Upon enabling RCS for both SIMs, users can switch between their two SIM cards without the hassle of manually swapping SIM cards or juggling between different messaging apps.

While RCS multi-SIM support is already in the works, Google has yet to announce an official rollout date. However, the presence of these strings in the beta version suggests that the feature is inching closer to becoming a reality. As soon as Google is ready to roll it out, dual SIM users can expect to see multiple numbers with checkboxes in their RCS chat settings.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a new and more advanced messaging protocol designed to replace SMS. It offers several benefits over SMS, including:

– Support for multimedia content: You can, for example, send and receive high-resolution photos and videos.
– Real-time chat features: You can see when other people are typing and receive read receipts.
– Improved delivery and read status: You can be sure your messages are being delivered and read.
– Rich media support: You can embed interactive elements in your messages, such as polls, location sharing, and payment options.

RCS is currently being adopted by many carriers and messaging apps. Google Messages app is one of the most popular RCS clients, and the company has pledged to make RCS the default messaging protocol on Android devices.

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