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Google resolves problem with Pixel Launcher’s microphone button causing it to open voice search instead of Assistant

Google Pixel users recently experienced an issue with the native Pixel Launcher, which prevented them from launching Google Assistant by tapping the microphone icon in the search bar. However, Google has now rolled out a server-side fix to address this problem.

Before the fix was implemented, tapping the microphone icon would activate the older voice search feature, causing frustration for users who relied on the shortcut to access Assistant. The issue was reported on devices running the beta version of Google app 15.0 and certain Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 devices that hadn’t been updated to the latest version of the Google app.

Although it was initially unclear whether this was a bug or a deliberate test by Google, the company has acknowledged the issue and released a server-side fix to resolve it.

If you’re still experiencing the problem, try restarting your Android device to see if the microphone button now launches Assistant as it should. Alternatively, you can use workarounds such as touching and holding the Home button or using the voice command “Hey Google” to access Assistant.

Google Assistant is a powerful tool that allows users to access information, complete tasks, manage smart home devices, and more, all through voice commands. It’s available in multiple languages and on various devices, including phones, tablets, smart speakers, smart displays, and wearables. It’s great to see that Google has addressed this issue and restored the functionality of the mic on the Pixel Launcher search bar.

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