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How Google Search Can Enhance Your Math or Science Homework Performance

Google Search is launching some new features to help you with math and science problems. These features include the ability to search for math and physics problems by typing them into the search bar or taking a picture of them using Google Lens.

You can now add this to my list of things I wish were a thing when I was going to school: Google is now making Search and Lens even more helpful when it comes to solving word, geometry, and physics problems. Additionally you will be able to explore interactive 3D diagrams of biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy topics.

By just typing in your math problem into Search, you can now take advantage of Google’s new advanced math solver. Don’t know how you can even type in that intricate equation? No problem, because you can opt to instead use Lens to take a picture of it from your textbook or worksheet using Lens. Not only with Google solve it for you, but will actually teach you how to do it with step-by-step instructions.

Another new feature is the ability to get help with word problems and geometry problems by using Google’s language models. Word problems can be particularly difficult for students, but Google Search can now solve them and throw in interactive diagrams and animations in the process.

Finally, Google Search is now launching interactive 3D diagrams of biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy topics. These diagrams allow users to explore complex scientific concepts in a more interactive and engaging way. For example, users can rotate and zoom in on 3D diagrams of molecules, cells, and planets.

These new features are a significant step forward for Google Search, as they make it easier for people to find the information they need about math and science. Additionally, they are designed to help students get some extra help getting some assignments done in a more interactive and engaging way.

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