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In the Future, Google Files Could Become the Primary Source for Official Digital Documents

Google Files, an app that comes pre-installed on many top smartphones, may soon offer a new feature that sets it apart from other file management apps. According to a tweet by AssembleDebug on Twitter, Google Files could integrate with DigiLocker, an official tool from the Indian government that allows users to store digital copies of their official documents such as IDs, medical IDs, driver licenses, and more.

While it’s important to note that this integration has not been confirmed, the potential for Google Files and DigiLocker to work together is exciting. Not only would it make accessing important IDs and documents easier for users, but it would also give Google Files a unique selling point that sets it apart from other file management apps.

It’s worth mentioning that this integration would be initially available in India, but it would be fantastic if Google found a way to bring this feature to users worldwide. The concept of digital documents has been around for a while, with Apple leading the charge, but the integration of DigiLocker with Google Files could help make digital documents more widespread and accessible.

Ultimately, this potential update to Google Files is an exciting development, offering users a convenient way to store and access their official documents digitally. While we wait for further news on this integration, it’s clear that the future of document management is heading towards a digital-first approach, and Google Files could be at the forefront of this shift.

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