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Limiting Charging Capacity: iPhone 15 Empowers Users to Charge up to Just 80%

Apple’s Latest iPhone 15 Series

Apple has just rolled out its latest iPhone 15 series, and naturally, it brings some fresh goodies along with it. The trusty lightning port has made way for a USB-C charging port, and in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Mute switch has been replaced by the new Action Button. And now it looks like iPhone 15 users looking to extend their battery’s lifespan have a new trick up their sleeves—a hard limit of 80% charge.

According to a report, Allison Johnson of The Verge spilled the beans during a Q&A session that this new setting isn’t the same as the existing Optimized Battery Charging feature on iPhones, which cleverly holds off on charging past 80% until it deems a more suitable time based on your daily charging habits. With the 80% hard limit enabled, your iPhone won’t ever budge beyond that 80% mark.

On all iPhone 15 models, you’ll find three choices tucked away in Settings → Battery → Battery Health & Charging → Charging Optimization:

  • Optimized Battery Charging
  • 80% Limit
  • None

Just like Optimized Battery Charging, this 80% hard limit can improve your iPhone’s battery health by reducing the time it spends at full charge. These batteries typically don’t fare well when kept at 0% for extended periods or when maintained at a constant 100% charge. That’s why some savvy users aim to keep their batteries floating between 40% and 80% to give them a fighting chance at a longer life.

Whether this new setting will truly extend your battery’s lifespan remains to be seen, but it’s a rather safe bet that it might add a few more weeks to its vitality. On the flip side, if you never let your battery hit 100%, you’ll never tap into its full capacity potential.

When it comes to battery capacity, the iPhone 15 series doesn’t deviate much from its predecessor, the iPhone 14 series. Any improvements you see will likely be courtesy of the more efficient chip under the hood. The iPhone 15 series is now up for pre-order.

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