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Meta’s Surprising Restrictions on Political and Social Content Spark Controversy Among Instagram Users in Canada

Meta’s Decision on Political Content Sparks Backlash Among Instagram Users

It has been over a month since Meta announced that they would no longer be recommending political content on Instagram, and users are expressing their frustration. According to a report from Ars Technica, Instagram users have taken to Twitter to complain about Meta’s decision to limit recommended political content by default.

In February, Meta stated their reasoning behind this move, emphasizing the importance of creating a positive user experience on Instagram and Threads. They explained that while users are free to follow accounts that post political content, they will not actively recommend political content from accounts that users do not follow. Instead, users have the option to control whether or not they want to see such content.

Despite Meta’s intentions, many users are unhappy with the default setting that limits political content in their feeds. The timing of this feature has also raised suspicions among some users.

To address this issue and regain control over what appears in their feeds, users can adjust their content preferences in the settings menu on Instagram. By navigating to “settings and activity” in their profiles and accessing the “content preferences” section, users can modify their preferences for political content recommendations.

The setting for political content can be found at the bottom of the list under “suggested content.” By selecting “don’t limit,” users signal that they are open to seeing more political or social topics in their suggested content. On the other hand, the default setting of “limit” reduces the visibility of such topics in user feeds.

It is important to note that these preferences affect suggestions in Explore, Reels, Feed, Recommendations, and Suggested Users but do not impact content from accounts that users follow. Additionally, this setting also applies to Threads.

By taking control of their content preferences on Instagram, users can ensure that they are exposed to a diverse range of topics and opinions tailored to their interests. If you’re tired of seeing political posts dominating your feed, consider adjusting your settings today!

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