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Prepare for the iPhone 15 with Pitaka cases: Unmatched slimness and resilient aramid fiber

Protect Your iPhone 15 with Pitaka Cases

Having a brand-new phone is both exciting and terrifying. On one hand — you love to admire the design, shape, and weight of the brand new expensive gadget. On the other — you dread dropping in just a couple of days after buying it. Thankfully, you can kind of have your cake and eat it too — wrap it up in a high-quality, thin, and light case. And Pitaka has just the models for you!

Pitaka: Premium Aramid Fiber Cases

Pitaka is a company well-known for working with aramid fiber to literally weave premium cases for our favorite phone models. It utilizes 600D aramid fiber, which is extremely difficult and expensive to produce, but the end result is a very thin and very light case that barely adds any heft to the device. And it improves grip with the soft touch of raw aramid fiber.

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MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 series

Ultra-slim, unbelievably light

This is the model where Pitaka’s expertise with 600D aramid fiber comes in play — these are only 0.95 mm (0.04 in) thick barely adding any thickness to the iPhone. Even if you like to enjoy your new device without a case when at home, it’s always a good idea to slap a grippy thin case on it when heading out — even if to prevent accidents when simply taking it out of your pocket. The MagEZ Case 4 gives you exactly this plus a good amount of protection since the aramid fiber is so hard, even at this thickness.

It also has a bit of a lip around the camera and display to make sure you can place the phone on flat surfaces and not worry about the sneaky scratch getting on there out of nowhere. And yes, it even has a layer of powerful N52SH magnets to amplify the MagSafe grip of your iPhone.

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MagEZ Case Pro 4 for iPhone 15 series

For increased protection

By smartphone case standards, the MagEZ Case Pro 4 is still slim, but it’s thicker than the MagEZ Case 4 above. The reason is simple — this is Pitaka’s “more protective” case for the people that straight up expect that they will inevitably drop their phone. The MagEZ Case Pro 4 packs built-in air pockets and internal cloth and is military grade drop tested. Plus, it has cool metal buttons for added flair.

Yet even then, it only goes up to 1.65 mm (0.06 in). It also has a strong N52SH magnet array inside for full MagSafe and PitaFlow compatibility. Due to the type of build, the MagEZ Case Pro 4 can be 1500D aramid, since that’s a bit easier to work with — but still made to Pitaka’s high durability standards. You can see the exact material the case will be made of when you pick your color of choice.

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What’s new with the MagEZ Case 4?

The new MagEZ Case 4 models for the iPhones have embedded NFC chips so you can check the case for authenticity by simply scanning it, but also download exclusive wallpapers, music, and even games as a special gift from Pitaka.

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