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Rare Apple Devices Up for Auction: 2010 iPad Signed by Jobs and 2007 “Holy Grail” iPhone Among the Spectacular Collection

Rare Apple Items Up for Auction

The guys at RR Auction are at it again. After auctioning off rare Apple-related items during the summer, the auction house has some more rare and unique Apple items up for bids. Let’s take a look at what’s available:

Signed iPad by Steve Jobs

For serious collectors of Apple products, what collection could be complete without an iPad signed on the back by the late Steve Jobs? Hawaiian dentist Frank H. Sayre is putting the autographed iPad up for bids. The iPad comes with the original box, power brick, USB cable, and a SIM tool. Bidding ends on September 23rd, with the current highest bid at $11,794.

Apple Computer Company Check Signed by Steve Jobs

Another interesting item up for auction is a check from Apple Computer Company in the amount of $33.92 made to a company called Graphics West, signed by Steven Jobs. The current highest bid for this check is $18,868, and it is estimated to receive a winning bid above $25,000. Bidding ends on September 23rd.

Sealed OG iPhone

Two different sealed OG iPhone models are available for bidding. The first one is a 4GB model, considered the “Holy Grail” for iPhone and Apple collectors. The current bid for this rare iPhone is $16,106. The second one is an 8GB variant with 13 icons on the screen, indicating that it is from a later production run. The current highest bid for this iPhone is $10,000. Bidding for both ends on September 23rd.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own these rare Apple items with a piece of Apple history! Place your bids before September 23rd.

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