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Resist Temptation: Refrain from Eating Your AirPods (but Marvel at Their Connection and Melodies Inside!)

In a cautionary tale, Moe Kennedy inadvertently swallowed her AirPods Pro while asleep, leading to an unexpected trip to the emergency room in June. It is important to note that it is never advisable to swallow electronic devices or put them in your mouth.

Upon realizing that conventional methods to retrieve the swallowed AirPods Pro were unsuccessful, Kennedy sought medical assistance at Covington Medical Center in the early hours of the morning. While medical professionals are accustomed to various cases of foreign objects within the human body, swallowing audio equipment is a rarity.

What sets this incident apart is that the AirPods Pro were still operational. It remains unclear whether Kennedy and her mother were conducting technological research or if it was simply for amusement, but they managed to establish a connection with the AirPods Pro and were able to hear Kennedy’s stomach sounds and laughter. This unusual occurrence gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “to hear my inner self.” The medical staff successfully removed the earbud, and both Kennedy and the device were found to be unharmed.

In a TikTok video, Kennedy humorously suggests that if you’ve misplaced an AirPod, you might want to check your stomach, adding, “Maybe you’ve eaten it like I did.” However, she also emphasizes the importance of not consuming electronic devices. In an email to AppleInsider, Kennedy shares her experience, saying, “Overall, I would 100% recommend the AirPods Pro, but I 1000% do not recommend eating them.” She expresses her relief at coming out unscathed and humorously points out that she inadvertently tested the stomach acid resilience of the AirPods Pro, which seemed to endure for at least nine hours.

While this incident had a positive outcome, it serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of swallowing electronic objects with batteries. Swallowed batteries, particularly the 20 mm, 3-volt lithium coin cells, can cause severe burns to a child’s esophagus within a mere two hours. This can lead to extensive medical interventions such as surgery, extended use of feeding and breathing tubes, and in extreme cases, even death.

It is crucial for everyone to exercise caution and avoid ingesting electronic devices. Ensuring the safety of both adults and children is of utmost importance.

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