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Rugged Testing: Watch the Apple Vision Pro Endure JerryRigEverything’s Torture Test on iPhone in Canada Blog

Apple’s Vision Pro headset recently underwent a rigorous torture test by Zack from JerryRigEverything, and the results are both fascinating and cringe-worthy. Despite the $3,400 price tag, the headset did not emerge unscathed from Zack’s destructive scrutiny. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

– The exterior laminated glass and aluminum housing were scratched and damaged
– The headband was subjected to burning
– The interior cloth was ripped out

While it may be painful to watch, it’s not entirely unexpected from Zack’s channel. However, there were some positive remarks about the Vision Pro’s engineering capabilities. Despite being vulnerable to scratches, Zack praised the headset for its ability to pack a significant amount of computing power into a sleek design.

If you’re planning on investing in the Vision Pro, be sure to utilize the included Apple polishing cloth to keep it looking its best. And after witnessing the destruction in Zack’s video, you might find yourself wanting to make good use of that AppleCare+ protection plan.

For those who are curious or have a strong stomach, you can view the full video below:

[Embed YouTube video link here]

While it may not be easy for some viewers to watch, it offers an insightful look into the durability and performance of this high-end headset.

Overall, despite facing a brutal torture test, Apple’s Vision Pro headset showcases impressive engineering and computing power. So if you’re in the market for cutting-edge technology that pushes boundaries, this headset might just be worth considering.

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