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Is Samsung’s Decision to Keep the Same Battery Size for the Galaxy S24 Ultra Enough for 2024?

The highly anticipated Galaxy S24 has finally launched, and it’s not without its controversies. Despite this, Samsung’s latest flagship phone brings many improvements, including an all-new Galaxy AI experience and the latest-and-greatest chip. Although one aspect remains the same as previous generations: the battery size. The S24 Ultra comes with a 5,000mAh battery, which has stayed consistent across previous generations. The smaller models in the flagship series did receive a bump in battery sizes. But is 5,000mAh enough for today’s standards? Is the Ultra due for a battery size upgrade? Let’s delve into it.

The first Galaxy S Ultra device came in 2020 with a 5,000mAh battery cell. This capacity remained consistent across subsequent models, including this year’s Ultra, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Phones are no longer just for texts and calls; we now have sophisticated mobile gaming and can watch movies and stream videos on our phones. With evolving technology, we demand more from our devices. In recent battery tests, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery life falls short of its main competitors in video streaming and 3D gaming.

When comparing to its predecessor – the Galaxy S23 Ultra – we see that despite having similar specs with a Li-Ion battery of 5,000 capacity (rated at 4855mAh), the S24 loses to its predecessor in video streaming and gaming.

There are phones on the market with larger battery cells than the Ultra. For example, the ROG Phone 8 Pro comes with a generous 5,500mAh battery cell and outperforms other phones in video streaming.

The OnePlus 12 boasts a longer-lasting battery life for streaming and gaming compared to the Ultra but falls behind only when it comes to browsing.

Despite being equipped with a smaller capacity (4,441mAh) than competing flagships like Samsung’s Galaxy series, Apple’s iPhone employs software optimizations that allow it to outperform its competitors in terms of battery life.

In conclusion, while the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers good overall performance when it comes to battery life compared to most phones on the market today – especially for browsing – there is still room for improvement when it comes to video streaming and gaming endurance. This could be an area for future innovation from Samsung – after all, Samsung is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to smartphone technology!

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