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Samsung Debunks Gossip about Exynos Renaming to ‘Dream Chip’

If you placed a bet that Samsung might rebrand the Exynos chips and call them ‘Dream Chip’ from now on… well, you’ve lost a bet.It all began a few days ago, when a tipster over X/Twitter hinted at the possibility of the next in-house chip from Samsung to be named ‘Dream Chip’ instead of the well-known Exynos.

Now, there’s information from Samsung itself and the company denied such plans in response to a question by Android Authority. “All rumors regarding rebranding are not true” – this is what Samsung Semiconductor told the site, thus denying the rumor.

But where does the ‘Dream’ come from?

According to Samsung, the ‘Dream Chip’ naming is simply an internal project name, not a commercial one. Of course, there might come a day when the Exynos chips line will be renamed, but not today, as Samsung claims.

What’s the point of rebranding?

To some, rebranding and renaming might sound odd, but there’s an argument to be made in favor of it. Rebranding is essential for companies who want to remain relevant and competitive in dynamic markets and especially after messing things up. Of course, such a thing can’t be straightforwardly said about Exynos, but these chips tend to get some users frustrated because of sporadic performance issues, (overheating, battery drain, stuttering on videos, and more).So, rebranding allows businesses to adapt to evolving consumer preferences, revitalize their image, and align with changing industry trends.

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