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Switch to Verizon’s home internet and receive a complimentary $300 gift card

If you are sick of unpredictable internet speeds or your current provider is simply charging too much, Verizon has made it easier than ever to switch to one of its high-speed home internet plans.

The company’s fiber-optic home internet service is called Verizon Fios and it’s offering many incentives to make you switch to its 1 Gig or 2 Gig plan.

The 1 Gig plan gets you download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. It blankets your whole house with WiFi and you’ll also get a rental router. If you order online, Verizon will waive the $99 setup fee.

Coming to the main bit, if you sign up for the 1 Gig plan, you will get a $200 Target gift card, as well as a ‘premium extra’ of your choice, such as a gaming bundle.

This plan costs $64.99 per month if you have Auto Pay enabled and are subscribed to a postpaid mobile unlimited plan. Otherwise, the non-discounted price is $89.99. It also includes a 4-year price guarantee, meaning your bill won’t go up during this period.

If you need more speed, go for the 2 Gig plan, which promises download speeds of 2.3 Gbps, and with this tier, you get a $300 gift card, which you can use to purchase anything you want at Target.

For a monthly discounted price of $84.99, the same stipulations that apply to the 1 Gig plan also apply to this one too. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying $109.99 each month.

On top of that, the company will also give you a credit of up to $500 to help with costs like termination fees when you ditch your current service.

For anyone who has had it with their internet provider, these are both pretty good deals, particularly if you have a lot of devices at home and you don’t want to get chained to an annual contract or be restricted by data caps. The company will even provide up to three Wi-Fi extenders to ensure full coverage.

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