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Telegram introduces voice transcription and new features for free users

Telegram is keeping pace with technological advancements, whether by developing an app specifically for Apple’s AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, or introducing new features. In its latest move, the messaging app released an update that brings numerous new features and grants free users access to features previously reserved for Premium users.

In an official blog post, the company announced an update is available for all iOS users and those who downloaded Telegram for Android directly from telegram.org/android. The Google Play version is still under review and will be accessible later. With this update, free users can now enjoy the voice transcription feature, previously exclusive to Telegram Premium users, with a small catch.

Telegram’s voice transcription feature goes the extra mile by translating audio into different languages before providing a transcript. However, the broader availability of the feature comes with a limitation for non-premium users—they can only convert up to two messages per week into text. Telegram Premium members retain the privilege of unlimited voice-to-text conversion.

The company mentions that the feature will roll out gradually and may not be immediately available everywhere. Beyond expanding the availability of this feature, the latest update introduces more enhancements. Users can now discover channels more easily, as joining a channel reveals a list of similar public channels.

Posting a story now includes the option to add a video message for commentary or fun. Video messages are customizable, allowing resizing and movement across the screen, along with adjustments along the time axis. Stories that are reposted also support video messages, enabling users to share thoughts on trending topics.

For Premium users, Telegram introduces the ability to set a unique color combination with logos for their profiles and apply wallpaper for both sides, maintaining a consistent appearance for both themselves and their chat partner.

Furthermore, channels with story-posting capabilities can now access statistics for story views, shares, and reactions, along with detailed graphs to monitor reach and performance. Channel admins also gain a new interface for managing reactions, enabling adding or removing specific emojis.

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