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Upgrade to the latest Galaxy S phone annually with Boost Infinite’s unlimited plan

Introducing the Boost Infinite unlimited 5G kit, called “Infinite Access for Galaxy.” This plan starts at $60 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, offering access to the Boost Wireless Network in some markets and one of Boost’s two partner networks in other markets. The deal is available to new and existing subscribers with no trade-in required. After 12 consecutive monthly payments, subscribers can upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy S phone at no extra cost.

The Galaxy S24 series is set to be official on January 17th. Right now, the program starts at $60 per month, which will be for the Galaxy S24, allowing you to upgrade to the Galaxy S25 next year, the Galaxy S26 the following year, and so on. The plan also includes options to make higher payments each month for the Galaxy S24+ and the Galaxy S24 Ultra and get the Galaxy S25+ and Galaxy S25 Ultra the next year at no extra charge.

The wireless plan includes:
– New Galaxy on us at sign up
– Free upgrade to the latest Galaxy every year
– Unlimited talk, text & data
– Powerful coverage from 3 major networks
– Mexico & Canada talk, text & data
– Talk & text to over 200 global destinations
– $0 down, no trade-in required to get started

Michael Kelly, group president of Boost Wireless, said, “Boost Infinite is empowering customers with an Infinite Access offering designed for the premier Samsung Galaxy smartphone.”
As soon as Samsung unveils the new Galaxy S24 series, the final pricing for the “Infinite Access for Galaxy” plan will be updated. Visit Boost Infinite’s website at for more details.

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