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Debunking the Common Myth About iPhone Charging Speed with the iPhone 15 Pro Max Charging Test

Looking for the fastest and safest charging speeds for your iPhone 15 Pro Max? The team at Phones Canada tested various charging speeds to find the answer.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a 4,441mAh battery and Apple claims it supports 20W charging speeds, but our test shows that it can support faster charging speeds.

For this test, we used a 30W charger with a USB-C output coupled with Apple’s official USB-C cable provided in the box with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Here are the results of that charging test:

– In the first 17 minutes of the test, the iPhone 15 Pro Max charges at a flat rate of nearly 26 watts, faster than the 20W claimed maximum charging speed by Apple.
– Charging speed then drops gradually to about 21W, which is maintained until about 30 minutes into the test.
– There is another drop to 15W charging speeds, maintained until around 42 minutes into the test, followed by a dramatic drop over the course of a few minutes.
– After about 47 minutes, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is charging at a much lower rate of just about 8 watts, maintaining that for 10 minutes before tapering off even more.

In conclusion, the 20W charging speed claim by Apple is an understatement, but iPhones continue to have some of the slowest charging in the industry. Fast charging works best when the phone is low on charge, with the charging speed decreasing dramatically once it reaches about 80% charge level.

Stay tuned as we will soon be testing the new Samsung Galaxy S24 charging speeds to see what real-life speeds are supported by those phones.

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