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Google’s New Chrome Feature Cleans Up Unused Tabs Automatically: A Game-Changer for Browsing Efficiency!

Is your Chrome browser on your Android phone feeling cluttered? Do you often find yourself with so many unused open tabs that it becomes overwhelming to manage? Well, Google has heard your frustrations and is rolling out a new feature to help you “declutter” your Chrome browser. Code changes discovered in the Chromium code by 9to5Google reveal the upcoming “Tab Declutter” feature, which will be hidden behind a flag initially.

Once this feature is enabled on your phone, Chrome tabs that have been left open and unused will be automatically archived. This not only cleans up your tab list but also helps speed up Chrome. After tabs are archived, you can easily see how many tabs have been stored and decide if you want to restore any or permanently delete them.

Keep in mind that Chrome is the default mobile browser on most Android phones, making it easy to accumulate a large number of open tabs. The Tab Declutter feature is expected to be available when Chrome 125 is released in May. However, there’s always a chance that Google may decide not to launch it despite its usefulness.

Currently, users can manually manage their open tabs by tapping on the box with the tab count at the top of the Chrome browser. This takes you to a page displaying all open tabs, where you can individually close them by tapping the “X” or use the close all tabs option from the overflow menu for efficiency. The upcoming Tab Declutter tool will streamline this process, allowing you to easily manage your tabs without the hassle of closing each one manually.

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