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Several Pixel 6 Series Units on Android 14 Experiencing a Critical Storage Bug

Owners of Google’s older Pixel 6 series smartphones have been experiencing a serious storage bug after upgrading to the stable version of Android 14. Users have reported that accessing files on the device is no longer possible and the internal storage has significantly dropped, causing errors such as “Download failed” or “Device out of storage” when attempting to take pictures, access files, or install/uninstall apps. Some users have even experienced device crashes when trying to open the storage section in settings.

Contacting Google support for assistance has not been fruitful, as representatives have suggested solutions like restarting the phone in safe mode or wiping the device. This has understandably frustrated affected users. Interestingly, the issue seems to be related to devices with multiple accounts, as storage problems only appear on one profile while the other remains unaffected.

While Google has not yet acknowledged the issue, it is expected that they are aware and working on a bug fix. Similar software update problems have been resolved within a few days in the past. It is hoped that a resolution will be provided to the affected Pixel 6 series users as soon as possible.

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