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Spotlight on the Cool “Check In” Feature in the Latest iPhone 15 Ad

One of the notable features of the latest iOS 17 is the “Check In” feature, which allows users to alert their loved ones when they arrive at a predetermined destination. This feature is designed to provide peace of mind to those concerned about the safety of their family members while traveling. Apple has recently showcased this “Check In” feature in its new ad for the iPhone 15 titled “Check In/New Driver.”

The ad features a father anxiously observing his daughter, who appears to have just obtained her driver’s license. The scene shows the teen driving in reverse out of a long driveway, accidentally running over a skateboard and hitting a trash can. The father looks visibly concerned about his daughter’s ability to drive safely to her school.

Suddenly, the father’s iPhone receives a notification, prompting him to check the device. The screen displays a message that reads, “Megan. Check In: Arrived at school.” This notification provides the father with reassurance that his daughter has safely reached her destination. The ad emphasizes the tagline, “Check in automatically. Relax, it’s iPhone.”

The “Check In” feature is particularly beneficial for nervous parents, friends, and family members. It can be set up for various types of travel, including by car, mass transit, or walking. Once configured, the feature automatically sends a notification to selected family and friends upon reaching the destination.

The 30-second ad is likely to air during televised sports events and popular TV shows in the upcoming weekend. Overall, the “Check In” feature offers a valuable tool for ensuring the safety and well-being of loved ones while they travel.

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