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Twitter Introduces Basic Tier for Verified Businesses at Slashed Price, with a Catch

X/Twitter, the social media platform under the ownership of Elon Musk, has just announced a significant reduction in the price of its Verified Organizations subscription. This subscription offers businesses the coveted golden tick and a brand icon on their profiles, enhancing their online presence. The recently introduced Verified Organizations Basic plan is priced at $200 per month, which is an 80% reduction compared to the original plan. However, the new Basic plan is limited to specific types of businesses, and the specifics remain unclear.

The original verification plan offers benefits such as verification, a brand icon, protection from impersonation, premium support, and the option to add extra accounts for $50 per month each. The details regarding the features of the new Basic plan and its eligibility criteria for businesses are still unknown.

Opinions within the X community have been varied, with some small and medium-sized businesses expressing approval of the news, stating that the initial proposal was overly costly and out of reach for them. However, some have raised concerns about the high cost of X’s basic checkmark, even at the discounted price, and have questioned the effectiveness of the platform’s verification system.

Since being acquired by Elon Musk, X (formerly Twitter) has been facing challenges in terms of gaining traction and achieving profitability. The platform is currently led by CEO Linda Yacarino. According to reports, X’s user base exceeds 100 million, although industry analysts suggest that only a small portion of these users are actively engaged and generating revenue for the company. It remains to be seen if this new effort to bring in small and medium-sized businesses will pay off in the long run.

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